Note: I’ve started this site recently, so far there are just a few Toronto-centric posts. Metrolinx meeting coverage will be posted as I have time.

Yonge North Subway Extension Meeting Breakdowns (20/10/21 and 16/12/21)

(15-20 minute read) On October 20 and December 16, Metrolinx hosted virtual community meetings for the Yonge North Subway Extension (YNSE). These meetings included basic details of the refined Option 3, and a response to noise and vibration concerns of the Royal Orchard community. In this summary, the main points of the presentations will beContinue reading “Yonge North Subway Extension Meeting Breakdowns (20/10/21 and 16/12/21)”

Ontario Line East Segment Meeting Breakdowns (23/09/21 and 05/09/21)

(15-20 min read) On the evening of September 23, Metrolinx hosted a virtual engage meeting for the Ontario Line East segment. In addition, a follow-up meeting was held on October 5 that revealed additional information and renderings; it also provided time for feedback to the reports. This meeting included a presentation that summarized the recentlyContinue reading “Ontario Line East Segment Meeting Breakdowns (23/09/21 and 05/09/21)”

Scheduled Arrivals

The next few articles pulling into August Station are as follows:

  • Durham Region Transit 2025
    • Coverage and opinions on DRT since the pandemic begin, with a focus on the December 2021 Transit Executive Committee Agenda
  • The Worst of US Urban Sprawl: A Visual Comparison
    • Comparing built form in the worst of the United States’ largest and most sprawling metropolitan areas with satellite imagery (10 cities will be selected, TBD)
  • Scarborough Subway Extension: Missed Opportunities
    • A look at the missed potential for a new station, cost-saving alignments and more for the SSE
  • Canadian Urban Sprawl: A Visual Comparison
    • Comparing suburban built form of Toronto, Montréal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Victoria, Québec City and Halifax metropolitan areas with satellite imagery
  • Recovering Transit Ridership across Canadian Urban Areas
    • A look at the latest data from agencies across the country, and their different approaches to pandemic transit
    • Only transit agencies from the 9 largest metropolitan areas may be discussed – including multiple regional agencies in Montréal and Toronto

Friends of August Street

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